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Canoa Quebrada

We had to leave Jeri at 8am. I could have stayed a few days longer but overlanding continuously drives you forward to new destinations. However, I’m pretty sure that I will return to Jeri one day for kitesurfing, maybe already in November this year.

Leaving Jeri was the same procedure as coming here. The first 15km were off-piste in 4×4 drives until we hit our truck “Mamacita”. From there it was a 6-7 hour drive to Canoa Quebrada our home for the next two nights. We actually expected the drive to be 1-2 hours longer but there was a new road which speeded up our travel so that we arrived around 5pm.

Our pousada was situated in only one minute walking distance from the beach. When we arrived there was some confusion with our reservation. They had reserved rooms for us containing only one small double-bed for two people. Usually we don’t sleep that close to our roommate and cuddle with each other so that Anki, who speaks pretty good Portuguese, had a discussion with the hotel manager. In the end six of the eight of us got a single room which was a welcomed change after spending several of the last nights in dorms.

This evening I spent some time to create the “Travel Statistics” page of this blog so please take some time to have a look and count the countries of the world you have visited so far…