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Another Kitesurfing Day in Jericoacoara

In the morning I went for a walk around in Jeri. Compared to yesterday it was much calmer probably because the Brazilians, who come to Jeri for the weekend, had left the town. It was a nice atmosphere to stroll around the little sandy streets and the beach area. There are not too many places I fall in love with and have the desire to return but Jeri has the potential to become one of these places. This little town has lots of charm: no big hotels, small restaurants with tasteful food, outdoor bars with delicious drinks, a beautiful beach, lots of sun and strong wind…

Francesco, I and two Brazilian guys left at 12pm to go kitesurfing. Jeri is also the dream of every kite- and windsurfer since it has excellent wind conditions, especially from end of July to the end of December. There are several spots for kitesurfing in the area and independent from the wind direction there is always a spot to go to.

Today I tried out two different kites. First there was quite strong wind and I had a large kite, so that I only had to move the kite a little to get good traction. When I changed to the other kite the wind was changing and less strong so that I needed to move the kite more quickly. I especially had difficulties with the first kite since it was pulling me very hardly and 2-3 times I lost control over the kite ending up in uncontrolled flights over the water. Luckily I was not flying too high and the water surface is not as hard as land or ice so that I didn’t hurt myself. Modern kites today do also have a three way safety system which allows you to completely detach the kite from your body in case of an emergency, e.g. a boat is driving into your lines and pulling you. I was also happy that I have taken my new polarized sunglasses (level 4 protection) which I have bought for the mountain glaciers and my 50+ sun blocker to the lagoon since the sun was pretty intense. I actually managed to survive the two days on the water without getting sunburned.

The guys and I again spend approx. four hours kitesurfing and it was very much fun! I’m honestly considering returning to Jeri for 1-2 weeks later on this year, maybe after my Lima to Cartagena trip in November. Let’s see…

For dinner I went with Anki, the co-driver / mechanic girl of our truck, to a restaurant serving Arab specialties. The food was very delicious and less pricy as in many other places. After spending quite some time on the water I was very much hungry and also my body temperature had dropped. While my roommate Molly was sweating and sleeping with the air-conditioning switched on, I was somewhat shivering and had to put my fleece on.