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Why this Journey?

It’s probably never the right time to go on a long-term journey around the world. However, this summer several conditions were fulfilled which made the current point in time perfect for a long term journey:
– I’m in a good physical and psychical condition,
– I have nobody to take care about such as kids or parents in the need of care,
– I’m single so that no relationship will break-up while I’m travelling,
– I’ve saved-up lots of vacation time during the past years and might want to change my professional life after my return.

Therefore, I thought that now it the perfect timing for a long-term journey and simply signed-up for it. But on the other side it also feels strange to pause your conventional life for a bit more than one year. I will not worry anymore about business cases, value creation, efficiencies and so on. My greatest challenges will probably be to deal with the corrupt practices of second and third world countries, find a hot shower and cock something eatable for my fellow travelers.

But this journey will for sure have a long-lasting effect on my life and the way I see and approach things. When you are stuck in the recurring activities of your everyday live it is harder to see things from a totally different perspective and enhance the way you are thinking and acting.

I decided to travel to places which are harder to reach (e.g. Sudan, Iran) which do not have a strong tourist flavor and require time to be travelled to. Therefore I excluded places like the US, South East Asia or Australia straight away not just because I have been there already but mainly because I can still travel to these places when I’m older or a family is travelling with me. I also put focus on my white spots meaning places where I have a strong desire to travel to and where I have not been so far.

So I hope that you cross your fingers that all my travels will go well and that you read my blog from time to time to see how I’m doing…