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Dakhla Oasis and Offers to female Travelers

I got up at 5:45am since me and Pierre, a fellow traveler from France, were up on cooking duty. This involves preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole group. Breakfast was pretty straight forward. We had a massive pot of yoghurt and were chopping some fruit to go inside. Pierre was heating up water for coffee and tea and at 6am we had a delicious breakfast in the middle of the White Desert. After putting down our tents and cooking equipment we were ready to leave at 7am.

Today’s destination was the Dakhla Oasis. We stopped at the way to get some diesel at a tiny petrol station. Since it was quite crowded our drivers Tom and Daniel had to fight with the locals loudly on who is next to get some diesel. In the meanwhile the locals got their mobile phones out and took pictures of us female travelers. I’m really wondering what they going to do with the pictures… At these occasions I’m happy to not travel alone and to be in male companionship. The guys keep all the dirt away from us. Back in the Bahariya Oasis our fellow traveler Marek was approached by a local guy asking him what he needs to do to get some sexual interaction with the female travelers on our truck. We also got several massages offered…

We arrived at the Dakhla Oasis at about lunch time. In the afternoon some of us went to visit a nearby castle or on camel ride. I was not so fancy on riding on animals in +38 degree Celsius in the shadow and decided to take a bath in a hot spring instead.

Tonight I also started to take Malaria prophylaxis in the form of a Lariam pill. Malaria prophylaxis needs to be taken 1-2 weeks before entering the Malaria zone. Lariam is especially known for its heavy side effects but I took it already some years back and experienced no side effects on my own body. So I hope that it will also be the case this time. The big advantage is that Lariam only needs to be taken once a week and is therefore much cheaper on long-term travels than Malarone which needs to be taken daily.

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