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Truck Clean and Drive towards Dejen

Everybody met at 10am for a truck clean. This means that all the cooking equipment, the boxes with the bulk food and the inside of the truck required a proper cleaning. Since we are 18 people and everybody contributed the whole cleaning procedure took us only one hour.

We started driving after an early lunch at 12:30pm and spent the remaining day on the road towards Dejen and Addis Ababa. Driving days are always somewhat eventless since we do only sit in the truck and watch the outside world drive by. Therefore, there is not much to write about today.

In the evening we put up our bush camp on a meadow and only a few minutes later we were surrounded by local farmers and their cows watching us and our cooking. After dinner Norms and Liv invited Michelle and me to their tent where we watched two episodes of the TV show “24”.