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Hiking at the Blue Nile Falls

Today we went for a short hike in the area of Bahir Dar leading us to the Blue Nile Falls. It felt really good to move again after sitting in the truck for multiple days. During the hike we also crossed a rope bridge which wasn’t scary at all since the construction was out of metal and very stable.

We were back at the hotel at noon and went for another lunch to the pizza / pasta place we discovered the day before. In the afternoon not much was going on. Only a few girls went to the spa next door to get a full body wax, a massage, manicure and pedicure. I don’t need these fancy things on an overland truck and so I was relaxing at our hotel.

It was also very entertaining to watch my fellow traveller Chris trying to get his camera back which was stolen from him in Axum. While I would have given up on my camera already Chris demonstrated lots of enthusiasm to get it back. He had approx. twenty phone calls every day since we left Axum. Also today, ten days after his camera got stolen, Chris spent half of his day with activities to get his camera back, e.g. sending fax messages to the police in Axum and talking to two kids in Axum supporting him on site.

Luckily, all efforts Chris has put into the situation paid out in the end. The police was able to identify the thief, get hold of the camera and send it via plane to Addis Ababa were Chris could pick it up in the next days. I also strongly recommend that you read the full story on the Blog of Chris providing you further interesting insides into the Police system in Ethiopia.