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Debre Birhan Selassie Church in Gondar

Today we had a free day in Gondar. I went with a few fellow travellers for a walk around the town. We ended up in the Debre Birhan Selassie Church which I found very amazing and different from all other churches I have seen so far. The church is completely made out of wood and features beautiful paintings in the inside depicting many different scenes from the bible. Especially impressive is the ceiling where numerous faces of angels are displayed.

While visiting the church a group of German tourists showed up. During the past months I have observed a rising mass-tourism in Ethiopia. Many budget travel agencies have started to feature trips to Ethiopia and so this country feels touristy compared to Sudan where it is hard to find any kind of organized tourism. Actually this is fully understandable since there are lots or natural wonders, culture and people to be discovered in Ethiopia. The area around Gondar is also known for its excellent opportunities to go trekking which we will do as well during the next days.

In the afternoon I was following up on the World Series of Poker 2011 Main Event Final Table. I have a big passion for poker and therefore I couldn’t miss this event which determines the World Champion of Poker. Surprisingly the German Pius Heinz won the championship and became the first German ever to win the title. This is truly a historic event in German poker which made me extremely happy.

In the evening we met the eight additional travellers which will join our journey to Nairobi. They come from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Ireland and Canada. We kicked-off the next joint piece of travel with a group dinner at our hotel.