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Long driving Day towards the Ethiopian Border

Last night was not very comfortable. I had to share Mo’s couch with one of my fellow travellers since there were not enough beds for everybody. It was also kind of windy in his house since we left the entrance door widely open. Lots of Mosquitos were flying around trying to bite me and suck some of my blood.

After we got up Mo’s mother prepared some tea in the provisional kitchen and we had bananas with it. We had to leave quite early so that there was not enough time to prepare a proper breakfast. We started driving at 8am and the goal was to get as close to the Ethiopian border as possible and bush camp wherever we end up.

So we drove until 5pm and set up our tents in the wilderness. We tried to avoid that our truck and tents could be seen from the major road. We heard that there are bandits in the area and we were not keen on meeting them.

I spent the time before dinner to play Frisbee with two of my fellow travellers. Dinner was great. Chris, the retired banker from Ireland, was able to obtain quite some good ingredients in the western style supermarket in Khartoum and prepared mashed potatoes with meatballs for us.