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Lazy Day in Khartoum

After travelling for a few weeks and due to the lack of major sites in Khartoum except for Mosques to which entry is forbidden for female visitors, I decided to have a lazy day in the hotel. After breakfast I spent the morning to talk to my parents using Skype.

In the afternoon I was following up on the news and my emails since I had no internet access during the past two weeks. While surfing in the internet I noticed that the access to the internet in Sudan is also restricted by the government as it the case in China.

At 5pm we had a short group meeting were we discussed that we will be joining a local family to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Adha with them. Some of us have met members of this family on the ferry boat from Aswan to Wadi Halfa two weeks ago and they invited our whole group of 12 people to their house. We are planning to drive over to them by lunch time tomorrow and then spend a whole day and the night at their house. They did not want to accept any money and presents from us so we only bought some of the local sweets as a gesture of our gratitude for their hospitality.

It’s also said that due to tomorrows Muslim holiday a large amount of animals will be slaughtered on the streets and I’m already curious to experience this Muslim holiday together with a Muslim family. In order to be very respectful our leader Tom reminded all female travellers to strictly stick to the dress code for Muslim countries such as long trousers and a loose fitting t-shirt covering major parts of the body.