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Time to say Good-Bye

When you go travelling for more than one year there are many good-byes you have to say. Not just a good-bye to your conventional live and the luxury of the western civilization but most importantly to your family and friends. During the two weeks before my departure from Germany I had many guests in my house who spend a couple of days with me. During the last four days my friend Timmi from Berlin visited me and we went together to the Maschinenfest in Oberhausen which is the largest music festival for noisy electronic music.

Today, I did a day-trip to Hamburg to visit my friend Lars. We spend lots of time chatting and his girl-friend Tatjana was also around who just returned from a longer stay in Ghana. In the afternoon Lars and I went to Bikram City Yoga situated close to his house. If you haven’t done Bikram Yoga before you definitely need to give it a try. You will be doing 26 yoga positions, each of them twice in a class which exactly runs for 90 minutes. The room will be heated to 40 degree Celsius which gives you the feeling of doing sports in a sauna. Latest after three minutes you will start sweating and your sweat will run down your body. You are only supposed to drink something during dedicated breaks which your yoga teacher decides on and I learned that you should not even make the attempt to wipe your sweat off because you cannot stop it from running anyhow. After the 90 minutes exercise your cloth are completely wet so that a plastic bag is provided to you for carrying your cloth home. Also some of the Bikram Yoga positions seem to aim to limit your ability to breathe so that you need to take care that your body is not collapsing in the heat. I’m not sure if this sport is really healthy but it is definitely an experience.

During the last days I also had lots of dinners and lunches with colleagues such as Bernhard, Eileen, Soeren and fellow students from my MBA class such as Alex, Steven, Oli and Calen. I also had a wonderful self-made junk food dinner with my former colleague Anita on the river Rhine overlooking the skyline of the big banks in Frankfurt. In the next days my parents will spend four days with me and I’m really looking forwards to see them once more before leaving for my journey.

On one side it is really nice to see your family and friends so condensed and that you have a chance to say good-bye to them in person. On the other side it also gives you the strange feeling of a last good-bye because I might never return in the case of the unlikely event of a disaster abroad. But I’m optimistic that everything will go well and that I will see my family and friends again in a years’ time.

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