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Equator Crossing and Drive to Nakuru

We expected that the 240 kilometre drive from Nanyuki to Nakuru takes only three to four hours. Therefore, we didn’t leave before 9am. I don’t know who it was but somebody had convinced Daniel to drive 20 min back in the direction of Nanyuki where we spotted a sign marking the equator two days ago. We all jumped out to take our photo at the sign. You can find mine below.

Afterwards we turned around and drove into the direction of our actual destination which is the “Kenana Farm” close to Nakuru where we will spend the following three nights. Since the road wasn’t as good as expected (not tarmac all the way) it took us nearly all day to drive to Nakuru where we arrived around 4pm. We only briefly stopped for lunch along the road and for shopping at a supermarket in Nakuru. We were also confused since on our way to Nakuru we passed the equator sign a couple of times and we were not sure if we actually crossed the equator a few times or if the signs were just wrong.

When we arrived at the campsite there were already other overland trucks including Tucan and Drifters. While we only saw one other overland truck from Cairo until here (African Trails in Ethiopia) the area downwards from Nairobi to Cape Town is much more frequented by travellers of all kinds. My first choice for organized group travel is still Dragoman, the tour operator I’m currently travelling with, since they offer a large variety of trips and have 30 years of experience. I did my first overland trip with them 16 years ago, the last one two years ago and I have a few more to come in the following months. I also would like to do a big drive (like Cairo to Cape Town) in my own car or on a bike but wouldn’t enjoy it completely on my own and therefore would prefer to travel with a friend.

Our fellow traveller Betsy was interested in the exact route we travelled from Cairo to Nairobi. She has actually purchased a map of Northern / Eastern Africa on which our leader Tom marked the exact route which we were driving during the past weeks.

In the evening we had planned to have some wood fired pizzas in the little restaurant of the campsite. Since there was a large number of travellers from the other overland trucks occupying the restaurant we had to change our plans and purchased some beef, potatoes and a pumpkin. Michelle and Liv volunteered to cook us dinner out of these ingredients and managed to prepare a quite tasteful soup.

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