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Lazy Day in Foz do Iguaçu

When I woke up this morning there were Nina and Laura, two logopedics students from Dortmund, in my room. They are using their semester break to travel around Southern Brazil and visit some friends Laura had made in Mexico earlier on. The girls wanted to go and see the Iguazu Falls today and asked me if I want to join. Since I will re-join the Dragoman truck the day after tomorrow and we will go and see the falls as well I decided to have a lazy day in the hostel and visit the falls with the guys travelling on Dragoman.

It’s really interesting to see how quickly you get in touch with people in a hostel. While in a large city you often don’t know your neighbors and can become lonely if you don’t make the effort to meet people it’s the complete opposite when staying in a hostel. Everybody just speaks to you and you start to speak to people you don’t know. It feels really great and sociable and I hope to transfer some of this habit into normal life since communicating with interesting people really enriches my life and makes me develop as a person.

After breakfast with lots of tasteful watermelon I sorted out my flights for Central Asia where I will be going in six weeks from now. I figured out booking two one-way tickets from Düsseldorf to Istanbul and from Kathmandu back to Düsseldorf is actually cheaper than purchasing one round trip ticket. Usually round trip tickets are cheaper but this could not be the case if you buy an open jaw flight and not all of the destinations are well serviced by an airline company and its alliance member. Booking two one way tickets with two different airlines was actually approx. 400 EUR less than the cheapest available round trip ticket and offered me more convenient travel times and airports of departure (e.g. flying directly from Düsseldorf instead of Frankfurt). I’m also looking forward to travel again with Etihad from Kathmandu via Abu Dhabi to Düsseldorf since this airline is currently my favorite when it comes to comfort and excellent customer service.

Today I also managed to call my friend Michael back home which I was trying to do for 2-3 weeks but he was always busy with work or on travel which I very much understand since my life used to be like this. I was very happy speaking to him since he’s one of my closest friends and matters a lot to me. It’s kind of hard to stay in touch with family and friends back home when you travel extensively and for long durations as I’m currently doing but I do my best to stay in touch and remain a part of their life.

Otherwise, there is not much else to say about this day. I was simply chilling out in the pool area, talking to people and having great food and drinks.

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