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Is this Kitesurfer’s Heaven?

Canoa Quebrada is a small fishing town in the northeast of Brazil and since there is a strong wind blowing it’s also a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Actually Jeri and Canoa Quebrada are said to be one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Brazil. Others include Cumbuco and Fortaleza.

Canoa Quebrada has two major spots for kitesurfing. The first one is part of the approx. two kilometer “Long Beach” right in front of the town. There aren’t just kitesurfers here but also other people walking on the beach and swimming in the sea. However, the kitesurfers more or less stay on the Western part of the beach while the swimmers are mainly in front of the restaurants and bars. The second spot is where the Jaquaribe River meets the sea. The sea here is nice and flat and one can stand in most parts of the water during low tide. Therefore, this spot is better for practicing or doing tricks (jumping) than the spot at “Long Beach”.

Have a closer look at the first picture I have posted under today’s blog entry. Isn’t this a gorgeous spot? When kitesurfers go to heaven this is probably where they want to end up… In total I have never seen more than ten kites in the air at the same time at both spots so there is a lot of space and the ultimate feeling of freedom in the air.

I spent about half of the day at the beach and the other half walking around in town. Compared to Jeri, Canoa Quebrada has less charm and is more touristy. It’s a former hippie community but there is not much left from these times with the exception of Reggae music played in some of the smaller bars and restaurants.

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