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The Risk of being a long-term Traveller

Long-term disability insurance is in Germany considered as one of the essential insurances someone should get. As my current insurance is contracted over my employer and I’ll not continue to benefit from this insurance when I’m leaving the company one day, I was planning to get a new one just before my journey since the fees are getting more expensive with every month I’m getting older.

My profile is typically considered low risk since I’m not smoking, I’m not having over- or underweight or any specific health problem and my office job is not associated with any specific risk. However, when I applied for long-term disability insurance I’ve got refused by both insurance companies I was applying to (HUK Coburg and Aachen Muenchener). The reason was my planned journey and the insurance companies didn’t want to cover any risk associated with it. They would rather not get the fees I would be paying over the next 25 to 30 years amounting to a significant number since long-term disability is besides health the most expensive insurance you can get in Germany.

I was also classified as someone doing extreme sports such as diving or trekking in altitude and for sure the insurance didn’t want to cover these kinds of activities. However, for some strange reason snowboarding and windsurfing were not considered extreme sports…

I’m now really questioning if long-term disability insurance makes really sense for me? Why should I pay up to 150 EUR a month when the insurance more or less only wants to cover the risk that I’m getting disabled from sitting at my desk? Probably, I’ll just take the risk on my own…